Blog 4 from the Yoga Teacher Therapy course 2016

What did I learn from my teachers


From my teachers I have learned we are born, we grow up, we are educated, we are in a way, but we can reset ourselves at a certain extent and express our true potential. It sounds like a magic…and it actually is, is the magic of life, is our Divine Nature breaking all the boundaries. It sounds easy…but it’s not because we need discipline, will power, courage and faith, yes we need to believe in the magic. Yoga is been given to us to crash out all the limitations of the gross level, mostly the limitations of the mind and be able to tap into the subtle level. Go beyond limitations of my mind is the best gift I received from my teachers, to know we can drastically change things makes a huge difference in a life’s perspective. Through practice and dedication, you can do miracles, is true, but this means that on a daily basis you watch yourself giving 100% effort, constantly facing defects and worse aspects. Yoga practice should bring to light our dark side, our impurities and transform them, leaving them whenever they become useless. So often it doesn’t feel pleasant but is the thing to do to become a better person, to improve our and others life, to be alive and active on a path where we know where we are heading and how to step further. I learned that yoga is a complete and complex system, it has to be lived in all its entirety with no compromise to be effective, keeping going on the old habits and patterns and doing some postures or breathing techniques doesn’t work. Pushing into the depth is necessary to see the unknown revealed, yoga is the thing into the thing, looking at the most common tiny thing to discover the Reality and its highest meaning was there hidden to the vision.