Blog 3 from the Yoga Teacher Therapy course 2016



Inflammation is the natural body’s attempt at self-protection, to eliminate pathogens, toxins, and damaged cells. It has been found to be the underlying basis of several common diseases (asthma, Alzheimer, cancer, high blood pressure and cholesterol, arthritis) and is bringing modern medicine to focus more on preventing illness than not just treating symptoms. The first factor to consider when our aim is to keep the system far from inflammation and consequent degenerative states is how we feed. The environment also makes a huge difference, but the main action we can take to give the opportunity to our organism to naturally develop those self-defense mechanisms for which is created is to support him with the largest average of vital food trying avoiding intoxicating food and habits. Keeping balance in the body allows him to succeed on its functions. If we choose for food having anti-inflammatory properties we are going to boost our system with lethal weapons to be used, add plenty of natural water and we create an environment where hardly any harmful element can prosper. Toxins, it has to be said, not only can or cannot be eaten or inhaled, they can also be created or derived from our body due to bad habits. It sounds weird but our emotions have a strong impact on our physical parameters, many scientific studies report about this correlation and suggest to be aware of how much we are influenced by senses, perceptions, and relations. Awareness is the keyword, we have to learn to be aware of what we need in that moment, yes, simply that. Because, if for example, we need just water and instead, we just only eat, digestion cannot be completed, leading to the creation of toxins. If we need to sleep, but we eat it will happen the same intoxicating process.

Fundamental is what we introduce and when, crucial factor is timing: during the delicate evening time when the body is slowing down the rhythm and preparing for the night period in which most of the restoration is done, if digestion is not completed we are not only going to create toxins from the food, we will force the system for extra work stealing precious energy required for healing processes. Minimum three ours should pass between last meal and sleep and we should take sufficient rest. The rest is covered by those practices that clean our body deeply inside and increase the amount of energy we have. Yoga comes first on the list considering that purification and higher levels of energy are compulsory steps for the final Goal.