My journey with yoga began in 1996 with Maestro Bruno Baleotti, one of the most respected Hatha Yoga masters in Italy. From this time, yoga has become a more and more powerful tool to help me to understand myself and maintain balance in my life. Between 2006 and 2009, I intensified my practice under the mentorship of Maestro Bruno Baleotti and began to teach in Italy and Spain , where I moved in 2011.

My scientific studies at the University, degree in Food Technology and Molecular Biology, and my own, personal research into the Fundamentals of Philosophy drove me to further deepen my study of yoga. For the last five years, I have dedicated the winter season to study in India with Acharya Venkatesh and Acharye Hemamalini, founders of the Hatha Yoga school Atmavikasa in Mysore, who have given me their blessings and certification to teach in 2014. Thanks to them and their disciples Sergio Martinez and Marina Bergamin I found the depth I was looking for my practice. In 2016 I’ve been certified as Yoga Therapist (400 hrs course) and brought to a new level my practice and my understanding of Yoga as a whole complete system of wellbeing.

I have shared this experience in India with my partner Radha with whom I find greater fullness on the spiritual path through our shared study of devotional music, sacred Indian musical instruments and meditation with mantras:

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